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BMW Oil filter construction

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BMW Oil filter construction

The function of the oil filter is to remove metal chips, mechanical impurities and oil oxides from the oil. If these impurities accompany the oil into the lubrication system, it will aggravate the wear of the engine parts and may also block the oil pipe or oil passage.we are provide best BMW oil filter china and best ford oil filter China,you can know It.

There are two ways to filter oil: full flow and split. The full-flow oil filter is connected in series between the oil pump and the main oil passage, so all the oil is filtered through it. Full-flow oil filters are currently used in automobiles.

1.Full flow oil filter

Most of the full-flow filters used in modern car engines are filtered. The oil enters the center of the filter from the periphery of the paper filter and then flows into the main oil passage of the body through the oil outlet.

The impurities are trapped on the filter element when the oil flows through the filter element. If the filter has reached the replacement cycle, remove the entire filter and throw it away and replace it with a new one.

The paper filter element is made of microporous filter paper treated with phenolic resin, which has high strength, good corrosion resistance and moisture resistance.

The paper filter has the advantages of light weight, small volume, simple structure, good filtering effect, low resistance and low cost, and thus has been widely used. The filter element of the oil filter can also be made of other fiber filter materials.

2.Split oil fine filter

Split-type oil fine filters are available in both filter and centrifugal versions. The filter type has the contradiction between the filtering ability and the passing ability, while the centrifugal type has the advantages of high filtering ability, large passing ability, and no influence of sediment. Therefore, the vehicle engine mostly uses a centrifugal oil filter as a split oil fine filter.

How often is the oil filter changed?

Every time we do the maintenance of the car, we must unscrew and replace the cylindrical tin can on the car. This is the oil filter we are talking about. It is replaced with the oil.

So,how often does the oil filter change? How long is its longest life? How long can I change the longest time?

Before we understand this problem, let's take a look at the construction and principle of this oil filter.

The current oil filter is basically this spin-on oil filter, a round metal box outside, wrapped with folded filter paper, this filter paper is the core material of our machine filter, the current filter paper is It is heat-cured, so it has a certain hardness and strength. Unlike ordinary paper, it can withstand oil pressure and is not easily deformed.

The oil filter is thus screwed in the middle of the oil circuit, below is the oil sump, above which is the engine.

Its main function is to filter impurities and dirt in the oil, to provide clean lubricating oil for the engine, reduce wear and prolong engine life.

The oil filter works like this. It has an oil inlet and an oil outlet. The oil of the oil sump flows into the machine from the oil inlet check valve. The dirty oil that flows in is on the edge of the filter, outside the filter paper. Then, it is filtered through filter paper, and clean oil flows out from the center of the machine filter and is sprayed onto various parts of the engine.e are provide best BMW oil filter china and best ford oil filter China,you can know It.

This is a normal workflow, but there are also some special cases. For example, the filter takes a long time, the filter paper on the filter is too much impurities, and the filter paper hole is blocked, which will cause the amount of oil to flow out. Small, the engine oil entering the engine is less, it will affect the lubrication and operation of the engine. What should I do?

In fact, at this time, in order to ensure the amount of oil flowing into the engine and maintain the oil pressure, there is a spring valve at the bottom of the oil filter, called the bypass valve, which will automatically open, allowing the unfiltered oil to flow from the bottom valve. Going in, it merges with the oil in the center of the machine, and flows into the engine together. However, the mixed oil is oil with impurities.

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