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Correct use and maintenance of diesel engine oil filter

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1.Choose the right type of engine oil

Choosing the right type of oil will play an important role in the normal operation of the oil filter. The choice of engine type has many factors. For example, depending on the temperature, the engine oil is divided into winter oil and summer oil. According to the type of engine, the oil is divided into diesel engine oil and gasoline engine oil.

Some engines are lubricated with their own special oil. Therefore, the selection of the oil type must be cautious to avoid the oil filter failure caused by the wrong oil model. Filter

2.Change the oil in time for changing seasons

If the engine of the diesel engine is not the oil used in winter and summer, the oil should be replaced and the new oil filter should be replaced in the process of seasonal alternation. Ensure that the diesel engine can work and operate normally.

3.Avoid working long hours in harsh environments

The diesel engine works in a harsh environment. It is inevitable that the oil will be mixed with various impurities or the oil will be oxidized to produce a large amount of colloid. The oil filter element used to filter the impurities will be blocked for a long time, causing the oil filter to fail. Therefore, maintaining a good working environment of the diesel engine is one of the important factors for extending the working life of the oil filter.

4.Pay attention to the situation of oil pressure in a timely manner

The oil pressure displayed by the oil pressure gauge in the diesel engine cab is also one of the important references for the normal operation of the oil filter.

If the oil pressure is too low, the oil filter bypass valve may fail, causing the oil to enter the lubricating oil circuit without filtering; if the oil pressure is too large, the oil filter element may be blocked, and the oil may not be used. Some filter effects.we are premium bmw oil Filter,premium oil filter,audi fuel filter,you can know It.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the oil filter for the abnormality of the oil pressure in time and replace it if necessary, which is essential for ensuring the normal working state of the oil filter.

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