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Oil Filter blockage analysis

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Oil Filter blockage analysis

Harm of inferior filter:

The rated flow is insufficient. The filter is overloaded for a long time and has a short service life.

The filter paper has large aperture, poor uniformity and low filtration efficiency, which causes early wear of the common rail system.

The water separation fails, the common rail components are rusted, the adhesive is not resistant to oil, and the bonding is not firm. Causes the oil filter to be short-circuited and cannot filter out impurities. Shorten the service life of the common rail system.

The inner rubber seal of the filter is not resistant to oil and the seal is invalid. A short circuit is formed, and impurities cannot be filtered out, resulting in early wear of the common rail system.

The fuel filter heating and oil-water separation electrical joints fail and the circuit is damaged. The fuel filter heating fails, and the system performance and starting are affected at low temperatures.

The impact of the inferior filter on the engine is recessive and may not be detected immediately, but it will be too late when the damage accumulates to a certain extent.

premium BMW oil filter factory told The measure of filter quality is not only the life of the filter, but more importantly the filtration efficiency of the filter. If a filter with low filtration efficiency is used, it does not matter if it is replaced frequently. Since the diesel contains water, while maintaining the maintenance of the conventional filter, it is important to periodically discharge the filter during use.

Engine oil is constantly contaminated by metal chips, dust in the air, and carbon deposits during use. The heavy impurities are deposited at the bottom of the oil sump, and lightly enters the friction surfaces with the lubricating oil, causing early wear of the machine parts.

The function of the oil filter is to filter the dirt through the filter. After the filter has been used for a certain period of time, a lot of dirt will adhere to the filter, so the filter should be replaced regularly. In general, the oil filter and oil should be replaced at the same time. This will help to extend the life of the engine.

Use a filter wrench or a suitable tool to remove the filter to prevent damage to the threaded joints.

Check and clean the oil filter mounting surface. Otherwise, oil leakage may occur after installation, resulting in insufficient oil supply. When installing the oil filter, apply a layer of oil to the surface of the seal to ensure reliable sealing and prevent damage to the seal.

Keeping the filter clean is a concern for any product. Today's filters use paper filters. The outer casing is sealed with relatively hard plastic and is a consumable item.

Blockage in the filter causes the oil to flow poorly, causing the temperature inside the filter to rise. Therefore, we can observe the internal oil rise from the casing to judge whether the filter is clogged.we are premium BMW oil filter factory,you can know it.

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