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Oil filter performance indicators analysis do you understand?

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Oil filter performance indicators analysis do you understand?

premium BMW oil filter factory told The oil filter should not only have the ability to remove harmful impurities, but also be used as a component in the lubrication system. We have specified some performance indicators for the oil filter.

one.Flow resistance characteristic The pressure difference generated before and after the filter at the rated flow rate is also the pressure loss. The smaller the value, the better the filter passability.

The rated flow is generally taken as follows: If the user provides the design flow of the oil pump or the measured flow rate of the new oil pump, the flow rate of the filter can be taken as 55 60%. There are also users who provide the filter designer with the design flow of the main oil gallery of the internal combustion engine.

In this case, the flow rate of the filter should be set at 1.6 2.0 times the design flow rate of the main gallery. This is because as the internal combustion engine can normally wear, the main oil passage flow rate will increase accordingly to maintain normal oil pressure.

A full flow filter is generally required to pass through the rated flow. In addition, the filter must be able to filter out a certain amount of impurity particles, and the impurities should be ash with a relative density of 3.9. Filter

two.Life characteristics

That is, the duration of a new filter from the beginning of use to the process of clogging. There are many factors that affect the service life, mainly because the design and materials of the filter must maintain the smoothness of the oil and the effect of filtering tiny impurities.

We can use the experimental method to evaluate the filter under certain external conditions, analyze the experimental results through a large number of experiments, and select the appropriate structure under the normal working conditions of the engine to meet the requirements.

When the matching flow rate is reached, the resistance is small, the filtration efficiency is high, and the service life is long. However, each indicator is mutually constrained. For example, the greater the flow rate, the greater the resistance. The higher the filtration efficiency, the smaller the pore size of the filter element, the greater the resistance, and the shorter the service life.we are premium BMW oil filter factory,you can know it.

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