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Oil filter replacement

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Oil filter replacement

The oil filter is used to remove metal debris and various impurities in the oil to prevent it from entering the lubrication system and wearing the parts. After a period of use of the oil filter, a large amount of sludge and metal debris accumulate on the filter element, causing the filter to clog and hinder the lubrication system from working properly. In this case, replace the filter element of the oil filter.we provide premium BMW oil filter products,We can guarantee quality. 

Oil filter

Full-flow oil filters are widely used in modern automobiles. These filters have many advantages such as good filtration effect, low oil flow resistance and ease of use. This filter replacement is also very simple.

1)Prepare to replace the filter. First, the frame is high, making it easier to put oil. Place the oil basin on the oil drain plug of the engine oil sump, remove the oil drain plug, and drain the oil.

2)Remove the filter element of the filter. When the oil pan of the oil pan is drained, use a filter wrench to remove the filter element. Be careful not to let the oil lick everywhere during operation to avoid soiling the engine and operating environment. Prepare the same filter element, first apply a layer of oil on the O-ring of the filter element, and screw the filter element by hand until it stops.

Do not tighten with a filter wrench to prevent damage to the O-ring and cause oil leakage.

Start the engine and observe the filter for leaks at idle speed. If there is any leakage, the oil seal rubber ring should be removed to eliminate oil leakage.

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