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Oil filter should pay attention to knowledge

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Oil filter should pay attention to knowledge

1.Filter installation should be smooth

Install the filter so that the filter is level in the oil pan and submerged under the oil level. If the filter is lifted when installed, the filter may expose the oil surface when the motor vehicle is bumpy and up and down. The oil pump draws in air, the oil pressure fluctuates, and the amount of lubricating oil on the friction surface is insufficient, which is easy to produce sticky wear. In addition, the warpage of the oil filter is likely to cause the big end of the connecting rod to collide with the filter and make a sound.

2.Do not drain the filter gasket

The filter should be intact and the filter gasket must not be leaked and kept intact. Otherwise, the impurities enter the lubricating oil path as it is, and the oil collecting filter is ineffective.

3.Hollow bolts should be in good condition

Hollow bolts must not have slips, cracks, etc., so as to avoid the formation of steam resistance by the intake air in the oil pump.

4.The gasket should be sealed

premium BMW oil filter factory told The two sealed copper gaskets on the hollow tube bolts of the filter tube are indispensable, and they are kept flat and effectively sealed. They should not be replaced by iron gaskets. If the gasket is deformed or roughened or hardened, it should be replaced in time or placed on a flat plate with a fine abrasive cloth. The hardened copper gasket can also be placed in a fire to burn red, and then placed in water to cool it to make it soft.

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