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premium BMW oil filter factory:The difference between oil filter and diesel filter

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premium BMW oil filter factory:The difference between oil filter and diesel filter

Oil filter is different from diesel filter

The pore size of the filter is different, and the material selectively filtered is different.

Diesel filters mainly filter suspended matter and particulate matter. Since the viscosity of diesel is small and the fluidity is good, the filtration pore size is small.

The oil filter mainly filters the colloidal substance in the working oil and filters the debris generated by the mechanical wear. Because the viscosity of the oil is large, the diameter of the filter core is also large.

In addition, high-quality filter cartridges have a “select filter” function that selectively filters impurities in the fluid as needed to filter the specifics of the impurities. Therefore, be cautious when selecting filter products.

Oil filter function

The oil filter is a device that protects the engine, including two types of strainer and fine filter. The oil filter can remove impurities such as dust, metal particles, carbon deposits and soot particles in the oil, and has strong filtering ability and small flow resistance, but the filtration efficiency is low.

Under normal circumstances, the various components in the engine are lubricated by the oil to achieve normal operation, but the metal debris generated during the operation of the components, the incoming dust, the carbon deposits oxidized at high temperatures, and some of the water vapor will continue to mix. In the oil, the service life of the oil will be reduced for a long time, and in severe cases, it may affect the normal operation of the engine.

Therefore, the role of the oil filter at this time is reflected. Simply put, the role of the oil filter is mainly to filter most of the impurities in the oil, to keep the standby oil clean and prolong its normal service life. In addition, the oil filter should also have the characteristics of strong filtration capacity, low flow resistance and long service life.

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