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premium BMW oil filter factory explain Oil filter maintenance points

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premium BMW oil filter factory explain Oil filter maintenance points

The engine of the tractor and the agricultural transport vehicle is equipped with an air filter, an oil filter and a diesel filter, commonly known as "three filters". The "three filters" work well and directly affect the working performance and service life of the engine.we are premium BMW oil filter factory and premium chevrolet oil filter wholesale,you can know it.

At present, there are quite a few drivers who do not follow the time and regulations required in the manual to carry out the maintenance and maintenance of the “three filters”, resulting in frequent engine failures and premature entry into the inspection period.

1. Air filter maintenance points. In addition to careful maintenance of the air filter according to the specified time and operating requirements of the instruction manual, the following should be noted:

(1)The air guide grille of the air filter should be kept free from deformation and rust, and its inclination angle should be 30 to 45°. If it is too small, the resistance will increase, affecting the intake air. If it is too large, the airflow will be weakened and the dust will be separated. The ability is reduced.

The surface of the blade must not be painted to prevent oxidation particles from entering the cylinder. The direction of the dust outlet should be based on the ability to discharge dust particles.

(2)The ventilation mesh should be cleaned during maintenance; for dust cups, the dust particles should not exceed 1/3 of the height, otherwise it should be removed in time; the dust cup mouth seal should be tight, and the rubber seal should not be damaged or lost. .

(3)The oil level of the fine filter should be compliant with the standard. If it is too high, the oil will enter the cylinder and deposit carbon. If it is too low, the filtration will be reduced and the wear will be accelerated.

(4)For the metal mesh (wire) used in the fine filter, the diameter of the hole or wire can only be slightly smaller, can not be increased, and the filling amount should not be reduced, otherwise the filtration effect will be reduced.

(5)There should be no air leakage in the intake pipe. The oil change and cleaning should be carried out in the place where there is no wind and no dust; the blowing filter should be used with high pressure air in the environment with low humidity, and the direction of blowing should enter the filter with air. The direction is reversed; when installed, the adjacent filter creases should intersect each other.

2.Oil filter maintenance points. The oil filter must be maintained for the specified time, and pay attention to the following points:

Centrifugal oil filter, maintenance of centrifugal fine filter should pay special attention to the installation after disassembly:

1There should be no blocking phenomenon. The inspection method is: after the rotor is installed, the rotor is rotated by hand, and after the hand is released, the rotor can be freely turned 2-3 turns and then stopped, which is qualified;

2It is also possible to install the fine filter on the vehicle, start the engine, run for a few minutes at the rated speed, and turn off when the oil temperature reaches 70 °C. At this time, the rotor is still rotating outside the casing and can continue to rotate for more than 1.5 minutes. Qualified for installation. If the above indicators are not met, the installation is unqualified and should be reassembled.we are premium BMW oil filter factory and premium chevrolet oil filter wholesale,you can know it.

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